Video Of Fish Hiding In A Jellyfish's Bell To Protect Themselves From Predators

July 11, 2016


This is a video captured off the coast of Thailand of a small school of young yellowtail amberjack avoiding a group of predatory trumpetfish by hiding in the the bell of a jellyfish. It's like a floating safehouse. I didn't spot Dory in the bunch though, presumably because Dory forgot why she was hiding in a jellyfish and swam out and got eaten. You know I got stung by a jellyfish once on a trip to the shore and my friends were all, "You gotta pee on it! Let me pee on it!" and I was all 1. you're not my friends and 2. if anybody's getting peed on it's you after you fall asleep tonight. And I delivered on my promise -- didn't I, Tom? Tom? We're not friends anymore.

Keep going for the short video.

Thanks to carey, who agrees the safest place to hide in the ocean is in a whale's stomach. Just saying, Jonah hung out in there for three days running from sharks.

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