Updraft Created By The Hoover Dam Is So Strong It Can Blow Water Upwards, A Video

July 27, 2016


In news that shouldn't surprise anybody who understand how wind spirits work, this is a short video of a professional scientist demonstrating that the updraft created by the shape of the Hoover Dam is so strong it can blow store-brand water upwards. Would that also work with high-end $6 a bottle drinking water? I think not! *drinks tea with pinky in air* You know I've actually experienced the exact same phenomenon that this girl is demonstrating except it wasn't an updraft, it was just heavy wind. And it wasn't at the Hoover Dam, it was at a friends house. And it wasn't bottled water, it was urine and it wasn't mine it was his. Anyway I think that's why I have an eye infection and need to leave work early today to go to the doktah. "You mean doctor." Well technically he's not supposed to be practicing. Also if you saw his office there is no way you'd think, "Oh yeah, this guy's a doctor." I think it's all empty beer cans and taxidermy.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Hank, who wants the Hoover Dam to blow out his birthday candles this year.

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