Trailer For A Freaky Live Action Futurama Fan Film

July 19, 2016


This is a trailer for Fan-O-Rama, a live action Futurama fan film coming this summer. The production value looks surprisingly high. The creepiness looks unsurprisingly high unless you actually thought Futurama characters could somehow be adapted to real life without looking like nightmares. You're cute, like a baby animal. "Like a squirrel or bunny?" I was thinking more like a shrimp or vulture.

Keep going for the trailer.

  • memememememe

    ok haters. YOU do better. I couldn't. I thought it was great considering it is a fan film. I would watch it.

  • brodyc

    That's really impressive for just a fan film. Well done.

  • DrZanz

    Everything is great except Leela is hideous.

  • Kudos! I want to see this!

  • HoDaDor

    looks hopeful, but Leela looks all ****ed up. It's the cheekbones, lack of a nose bridge and lipstick color. She looks terrible.

  • Jenness

    Leela really is a disappointment. She's kind of like the meth trailer version. You're right - I was "That's not even close to Leela"

  • It doesn't really capture my essence...

  • Rusty Shackleford

    What the fucking fuck?

  • Jetch Vargas

    looks like american dad porn parody.

  • joevsyou

    i love futurama, i wish netflix or something would buy the rights

  • GeneralDisorder

    Considering how the last season ended I don't see how they could make more episodes. And how did they resolve the dark matter problem from Bender's Game? I love the show and would love for there to be more episodes but I am also accepting of the fact that sometimes a series has run its course.

  • archer923

    Whale Oil. There was a joke that specifically said it. And the endings were open ended.

    Season 4's ending looked like it was done. Movie 4 looked like it was done. Season 6 overclocked ep, was the final regular episode. Looked like they were done. And the season 7 finale, time travel episode looked like they were done. Those were all the times they wrote an ending. Thinking they were canned.

    All of the endings have outs. Just in case they want to come back. That's why the time travel problem was solved, as the last episode ended.

  • Pat Patrix

    This seems like it'd be better as porn.

  • It seems like it IS porn. Woodrocket actually has some dr who, game of thrones, pokemon, etc porn with middling production quality that looks and sounds almost exactly like this. They are clearly trying hard though, and without using actual music and character voices things are going to only look so good. I'll watch it either way though.

  • Ollie Williams

    Original actor voices or GTFO.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Phil Hartman died. And how is Billy West going to play multiple characters who look completely different?

  • Who did Phil Hartman play on Futurama? I don't think anyone. Also they made new episodes way after he died, so even if he was an obscure character they made due, clearly.

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