There Can Be Only One: An 18 Battle Robot Free-For-All

July 20, 2016


Note: Feel free to skip to 2:35 when the fight starts, it's pandemonium after that.

This is the Gladiator Fight from Robochallenge 2015, an 18 robot free-for-all where the last man (technically a battle robot) standing wins. I had my money on Wedgie, and Wedgie lost bigtime so now my left hand owes my right hand five dollars since there was nobody else to bet but lefty probably won't pay so righty will plot an attack while I'm napping and try to break some knuckles but what he doesn't know is my left hand sleeps with one fingernail painted and a butterfly knife. I think he's going through a stage but I just let him to his thing or the next time I have to use a public restroom he'll make me touch the inside of the urinal with my penis and that grosses me out.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Linc, who agrees the winner should be melted and made into high-end vape accessories.

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