The Best Part Of Waking Up?: 'Fellatio Cafe' Opening In Geneva, Switzerland

July 7, 2016


A 'Fellatio Cafe' is opening in Geneva, Switzerland later this year. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, provided the workers hold permits. The service will cost 60 Swiss francs (~$61) and patrons will get to choose a prostitute from an iPad. Oh, technology. No word if there are any happy hour discounts.

Bradley Chavet, from Facegirl [the firm behind the cafe], told Swiss newspaper Le Matin that men will be able to order a drink and then make themselves comfortable at the café's bar

It said it was copying similar popular cafés in Thailand.

He added: "In five or ten minutes, it's all over."

Wait -- it happens right at the bar? That seems awkward. Can other people see? I really need a picture of this bar to better understand exactly what's going on. I have so many questions. Mainly, what if a person doesn't drink coffee, what if they want a fruit smoothie or a Hi-C juice box?

Thanks to Damien, who's cool just reading the paper with his coffee.

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