The Best Part Of Waking Up?: 'Fellatio Cafe' Opening In Geneva, Switzerland

July 7, 2016


A 'Fellatio Cafe' is opening in Geneva, Switzerland later this year. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, provided the workers hold permits. The service will cost 60 Swiss francs (~$61) and patrons will get to choose a prostitute from an iPad. Oh, technology. No word if there are any happy hour discounts.

Bradley Chavet, from Facegirl [the firm behind the cafe], told Swiss newspaper Le Matin that men will be able to order a drink and then make themselves comfortable at the café's bar

It said it was copying similar popular cafés in Thailand.

He added: "In five or ten minutes, it's all over."

Wait -- it happens right at the bar? That seems awkward. Can other people see? I really need a picture of this bar to better understand exactly what's going on. I have so many questions. Mainly, what if a person doesn't drink coffee, what if they want a fruit smoothie or a Hi-C juice box?

Thanks to Damien, who's cool just reading the paper with his coffee.

  • asdfasdf

    pimping, drugs, gambling, protection governments only arrest organized crime to cut down on competition?
    all these years and bullets and all they had to do was pay the vig. who knew. lol eu

  • And here we go, Idiocracy's "full body" latte is now just a step away.

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