Star Wars Quadrocopters With Integrated Lasers For Doing Battle

July 25, 2016


These are the Star Wars quadrocopters coming soon (allegedly in time for Christmas) from Propel. The come in speeder bike, Millennium Falcon, x-wing fighter and TIE Advanced varieties, and, although prices have not been confirmed, could cost between $300 - $400 *spit-takes tauntaun blood* What? Logray the Ewok shaman told me it's rejuvenating. Unfortunately, the quadrocopters might not be available in the US because they've only secured the licensing rights for Europe, The Middle East and Africa so far. You know what that means, right? Let's say it at the same time. Ready? One, two, three -- "eBay!" Let's steal a shipping container full! Oh. Sure, eBay I guess. Now that all the bad news is out of the way the good news is the quadrocopters are outfitted with lasers that can be used to have laser battles where three hits from an opponent's blasters slowly spirals your quadrocopter to the ground. That sounds like fun, right? You just need at least two quadrocopters to make it happen. But that's why you've been good all year, right? So Santa brings you one? Speaking of -- hey Santa, which one of your lists am I on? "Hit." Oh boy.

Keep going for a shot of each and a video.





Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees they better make a giant Deathstar version that shoots all the lasers.

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