So Clever: Beautiful 3-D Printed Dancing Zoetrope

July 6, 2016


This is the 3-D printed zoetrope created by Akinori Goto that depicts a wire-frame dancer dancing when a thin band of light is projected onto the spinning mass of plastic. How the hell do people even come up with this stuff? I had access to a 3-D printer once and you know what I made? "A dildo.' A dild-- wow, you've really been on point today. Let's go out for a beer this evening and talk about our future together. "As business partners?" As lovers. "I'm actually busy this evening." Me too I was just trying to be an attentive lover I'm down for a quickie in the parking garage. You ever made out in the trunk of a car before? It's f***ing scary as shit but I'd do it again for you.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to JB, who's going to make a line of erotic wood-carved zoetropes that can be spun by hand for teenage Amish boys.

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