SnappyScreen, An Automated Sunscreen Applying Booth

July 7, 2016


SnappyScreen is a sunblock applying booth that covers your entire body in just ten seconds with spray sunscreen that's probably even worse for you than actual UV rays. What a time to be alive! You use a touchscreen to select your level of SPF, indicate whether you're taller or shorter than five-feet, then step in the booth and prepare to get sprayed. I'm sorry, but I thought half (okay, at least a quarter) of the reason to apply sunscreen in the first place was getting to ask a nearby hunk or babe to help rub it in. Excuse me, miss, can you get my upper back -- I can't reach it. "Nice tramp stamp." Thanks, I got it on spring break in Daytona Beach. "It says 'BEACH BITCH'." You can read, that's great, now are you going to apply the lotion or just stand there judging me? "And is that a Lisa Frank dolphin?" You know what, screw it, I'll just burn.

Keep going for a video demonstration.

Thanks to Douglass, who applies sunblock the gamer way: never leaving the house.

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