Skating On A Glass Skateboard (Goes As Expected)

July 13, 2016


Because you don't know until you try (even though most of the time you really do know before you try and are just lying to yourself), this is a video of the folks from Braille Skateboarding trying to ride a skateboard deck made of glass. SPOILER: it lasts one casual ride around the skatepark (starting at 5:40), then shatters to pieces a thousand dangerous pieces on the first ramp drop-in (at 7:30). Who would have thought? I bet my roommate it would be stronger than a regular board and now I have to pay all of next month's rent. I wish I was smarter. And better looking. And had SUPERPOWERS. Might as well dream big. Go big or go home -- that's what my parents always told me. Just kidding, it was "Just go home, the rest of the kids are way better than you." I have a lot of complex complexes now.

Keep going for the video, which should auto-start at the beginning of the ride but feel free to watch from the beginning if your flight just got delayed or something.

Thanks to Aaron, who loves the feel of broken glass in his palms. Right? It's right up there with cutting hot peppers then touching your wiener.

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