Single Cell Organisms Try To Escape From Predators In 1-mm Game Of Real Life Pac-Man

July 5, 2016


Note: I'm doing some traveling today to return from my annual 4th of July trip to the moon (you should have seen the fireworks from up there -- exquisite), so I'll be writing if I can, but otherwise I'll be back tomorrow with a big ol' bag of moon dust we can all take turns sniffing.

This is a video released by the University of Southeast Norway of tiny 1-mm Pac-Man mazes that scientists release single-celled euglena into to better understand how they evade multi-celled tube-like rotifers. I didn't really learn a lot by watching it except if you're a single-celled euglena, you do not want a rotifer on your ass. I mean, if you even have an ass. My point is you don't want one anywhere near you, because it will eat you, and some scientist will probably be watching you pass through whatever it has instead of an anus using a microscope.

Keep going for a video I couldn't get to auto-translate correctly so it all made very little sense to me except neato, real life microscopic Pac-Man.

Thanks to Echo, who I've always dreamed of hearing from across the Grand Canyon.

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