Rawr, Eat Your Food Or No Dessert: T-Rex Chopsticks

July 19, 2016


These are the $6 Munchtime Chomping Chopsticks designed and sold by Fred & Friends. The top looks like a t-rex and moves its mouth with a chomping action when you open and close the chopsticks. They're perfect for dinosaur lovers that suck at using regular chopsticks, so most kids. You know I used to date a girl who had the hand-eye coordination of a pineapple and couldn't use chopsticks to save her life but loved sushi so it was always ultra embarrassing whenever we went out to eat because she was always dropping pieces of fish and flicking rice in her hair. Plus one time she dropped a piece of sashimi down her dress and we didn't find it until later that night when the lights were off. Do you have any idea how scary it is finding a loose piece of flesh in the bed? I seriously thought my penis had fallen off.

Keep going for a shot of just the chopsticks and nothing else but a shadow.


Thanks to Marny, who agrees you should never turn down an opportunity to eat with you hands.

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