Raining Hot: Chili Pepper Shaped Storm On Texas Weathermap

July 18, 2016


This is a chili pepper shaped storm that recently appeared on a Texas weathermap. It didn't actually rain chilis though, it just rained regular rain. Or maybe it didn't rain at all, maybe it was just God pulling a fast one. He likes to do that you know, especially on me. One minute I get some good news and decide life isn't so bad after all then he yanks the rug right out from under me and I've left there laying naked because the rug was bearskin and a lady and I were just about to do the naughty except -- wait -- where'd she go? She's gone now. Did I just imagine her? Somebody had a bite of this chocolate-covered strawberry. Has it only been me all along? What are you doing to me, God? *shaking fist at heaven* Just lightning bolt me already, enough torture.

Thanks to Murph, who prays for the day it rains Skittles like in those commercials which I'm starting to suspect are just a lie.

  • PUNX

    Chili's should pick this up for their adds STAT

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