Previously Unseen Sea Creatures Four Miles Deep In Marianas Trench

July 20, 2016


This is a video captured by the crew aboard the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) ship Okeanos, which uses a robotic submersible to scour the Marianas Trench as deep as 6km (~3.7-miles). The film features some VERY interesting looking sea creatures. There are fish with no eyes, fish that look like lizards, shit that look like Pokemon, shit that look like ramen noodles, shit that look like actual turds, shrimp, lobster, sea spiders, worms -- you name it. Absolutely nothing that I can believe a member of the same species could actually find attractive enough to have sex with though. I guess that eyeless fish actually lucked out. My girlfriend asked me to wear a brown grocery bag over my head once, not because I'm particularly ugly but because the thought of grocery shopping turns her on. She also made me steal a grocery cart for role-playing at home. SPOILER: I work the deli counter and she really likes my paper hat.

Keep going for this video complete with light-up alien at the end, as well as a bonus video of a violet sea cucumber dancing above the ocean floor and trying to seduce Aquaman.

Thanks to Alli, who told me she's a mermaid which I believe because her email was sent from Atlantis.

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