Pokemoan: A Line Of Pokemon Themed Sex Toys

July 28, 2016


These are the Pokemoan sex toys made and sold by Etsy shop GeekySexToys. You can choose a Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle themed silicone dildo for $69 (hiyo!) or a Pikachu buttplug for $50 (previously: this giant Pikachu buttplug and headband). Or -- OR -- you can get the complete set for $199 and really teach your holes a lesson. Could you imagine getting worked over by fire, poison/grass, water and electric types all at the same time? Now I'm not saying if you choose to do something like that you should have the hospital on speed dial, because you should already be parked in the ambulance drop-off lane.

Thanks to Alli, who informed me she's holding out for a flying or psychic type Pokemon sex toy. Too much information, Alli! Jk jk, these are the things I care about.

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