Oh Wow: Couple Have Sex During Screening Of Batman V Superman

July 7, 2016


A British couple got busted having sex during the 4:40PM Thursday, May 19th screening of Batman V Superman at the Odeon cinema in Manchester's Printworks complex and were recently fined £310 (~$400) for being disgusting and having terrible taste in movies. Man, that's a couple I wouldn't want to see having sex anywhere. Still, no word if the lady enjoyed her six-inch sub.

Mother-of-two Anne Abberley, 47 and her toyboy lover Leam Thornborough, 36, were arrested after she was spotted performing oral sex on him in the third row of the Odeon cinema at Manchester's Printworks complex.

Shocked staff alerted by people in the audience after they noticed Abberley's head 'bobbing up and down' before she and Thornborough began having intercourse with each other.

Usher Georgia Pritchard interrupted the pair and asked them to leave but was 'flicked' in the face by Thornborough after he flew into a rage.

Police were called to the complex and the lovers were detained for 24 hours before being charged the next day.

What the hell is wrong with people? Sure the movie sucked hard but that's no reason for you to start sucking hard too. Also, I'm fairly certain there is absolutely nothing about Batman V Superman that could possibly give a person a boner unless a person gets boners from watching awful movies or wasting two and half hours of their life. I couldn't get hard for two weeks after making that mistake and I lost a girlfriend in the process because she thought it was something about her and I was all, "No baby, it's Batman, I swear!" which didn't help anything.

Thanks to Tom, who agrees if you're going to have sex in a movie theater, at least do it during the previews or when the credits are rolling. Have some decency.

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