Oh, Japan: Underarm Fan Clips To Short Sleeves To Keep Your Pits Cool And Dry

July 15, 2016


This is the $24 Thanko Under the Armpit Cooling Device available from the Japan Trend Shop (so it'll cost $48 for two unless you only have a single problem-pit). It's a little three AAA battery powered fan than clips to short sleeves and blows air under your pits to keep them cool and dry. Or, if you're me, to spread the smell of a chili-cheese dog with onions. My pheromone game is on point.

Thanks to Mark, who bought two and informed me they also work great on balls.

  • Cortney A.

    As a person that sweats as if I'm getting paid to do it, this is a pretty decent idea. A high powered one for pants is obviously the next step but I also would like one that could keep my head/brow cool.

  • Wiley

    I'll take four. And have a front to back commando breeze all day.

  • Zemini

    Or just wait till your body is dry and cool after the shower before putting on deodorant? That is why you get sweaty armpits.

  • Jenness

    What about deodorant - Is that not an option or is it just for general cooling?

  • GeneralDisorder

    I can't imagine how offensive this thing would be if the user weren't wearing deodorant... They should make a high power set for pants though.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I think its for both reasons. One two back up your deodorant. Two to make you feel as fresh and cool as one of those guys in a 90s gum advert.

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