Now You're Talking: Deflecting Roman Candle Blasts With Toy Lightsabers

July 12, 2016


This is a video of two guys trying to deflect Roman candle blasts with toy lightsabers. It looks like the guys firing the Roman candles have way better aim than most stormtroopers. I want to do this. Whenever a friend asks me what I want to do over the weekend, nine times out of ten it's something like this. I like to have a GOOD TIME, and danger is always part of a good time. If my mom wouldn't have a problem with me doing something, I probably don't want to do it. The fun stuff is the stuff that makes parents stay up at night worrying about you. Take these knives I taped to my hands for example. These things would make my mom worried sick if she knew about them. *phone rings, checks caller ID* JESUS, YOU TOLD HER?!

Keep going for the video, then let's meet in the parking lot and have a blindfolded fireworks battle.

Thanks to Greg, who can deflect Roman candle blasts with his mind alone like Doctor Strange.

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