Never Give Up: A Lizard Biting The Snake That's Eating It

July 5, 2016


This is a photo taken by naturalist (cover yourself!) Bryan Snyder while hiking in Santa Ynez, California. It captures what appears to be a California kingsnake eating a southern alligator lizard, who's biting the snake in a last-ditch effort not to die. Will the lizard score some posthumous revenge and get the snake to accidentally eat itself? I doubt it. But never give up -- that's the real message here. Just kidding, there's definitely a time to give up, and for this lizard I'd say it was right around when it couldn't see its back legs anymore. Definitely by the time it couldn't see its front legs. You really can't help but admire it's tenacity though. That said, sometimes all the tenacity in the world still won't prevent you from winding up a snake turd.

Thanks to Super Sleeper, who could easily sleep through a snake attack. That's not good.

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