Nailed It: Guy Removes Crappy Graffiti Tags, Replaces With Clearly Legible Versions

July 26, 2016


These are a bunch of before and after shots of French artist Mathieu Tremblin replacing graffiti tags with much more legible, stenciled versions. Which do you prefer -- the before or the after? Honestly I think he should have replaced the tags with tasteful nudes but that's just me and I prefer the CLASSICS. Everything in my apartment was actually made during the Renaissance. "Including the TV?" A da Vinci prototype. "And the vibrator I saw by your straw mattress?" Okay, first of all I said you could use the restroom, not poke around in my bedroom ,and secondly, yes, I did modify the penis I chipped off a Michelangelo sculpture for my girlfriend.

Keep going for a bunch more.








Thanks to Lizzy, who keeps the neighborhood clean and only paints with her imagination. That's good, I like that.

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