Mmmm, Blood: Shark Shaped Teabags 'Bleed' Red Tea

July 19, 2016


These are the shark tea bags designed by the Daisho Fishery Company and currently trying to raise money for production on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake. The great white shark bags contain a rosehip and hibiscus tea that "bleeds" from the bag when it's steeping. There are also whale shark teabags that ooze green tea and dolphin ones that produce blue tea. There are no bags that produce coffee. Prices range from $ 2 - 3 per bag depending on the quantity purchased, so you'll have to take that into consideration when deciding how to spend your novelty teabag budget. For reference, I do not have a novelty teabag budget. That's called beer money, and even it's running pretty low right now. You ever convinced a roommate they can get drunk on hand sanitizer? My roommate has.

Keep going for shots of the rest and a video.







Thanks to Allyson S, who's inspired me to get a bottle of Brisk Raspberry Ice Tea with lunch. And by Brisk Raspberry Ice Tea I mean three margaritas.

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