MMA Fighter Puts On Pokemon Hat, Tries To Capture Downed Opponent With Pokeball

July 18, 2016


Because everyone is balls deep trying to die playing Pokemon Go, this is a short video of MMA welterweight Michael "Venom" Page (who's clearly a poison type) kneeing the everliving shit out of Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos' face, then celebrating his victory by donning a Pokemon hat and trying to catch his downed opponent in a Pokeball. I've got the feeling Evangelista's 'Cyborg' face is going to need to be even more cyborg after the damage that knee did. I felt that in my face and I'm not even related to Evangelista. I'm at least going to need to get my nose straightened.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Killbot Nemesis, who I'm not entirely sure is with me or against me in the fight against a robot uprising. Your name is confusing to me.

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