Man Sets World Record By Pouring 17 Jagerbombs At Once

July 25, 2016


This is a video of German bartender Philip Traber beating his old Jagerbomb pouring record of 14 (previously posted HERE) by adding three more bombs to the lineup for a total of 17. For reference, seventeen people drinking Jagerbombs is not a group I want to be hanging around. That is a recipe for disaster. Jagerbombs are what kids in college drink before having awkward sex with one another. Trust me, I went to college and it was bitchin'. The reaction of Philip and his buddy after he pulls off the feat is worth watching even if you don't care about Jagerbombs or breaking records. I thought they were going to kiss. This really meant something to them. Dare to dream, that's what I learned.

Hit the jump for all the fame and glory.

Thanks to Molly, who tried pouring milk and cereal into a bowl at the same time and now the kitchen floor is sticky.

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