Man Builds Terrifying Personal Octocopter Capable Of Lifting His Weight

July 20, 2016


This is a video of Youtuber AmazingDIYProjects demonstrating the giant octocoper he built that's actually capable of supporting a human's weight. It's powered by eight gas-engine propellers that definitely don't look like they'd be any fun to get hit by. But you can't afford to add any more weight constructing safety cages, so what are you supposed to do? Exactly, just leave it as a giant deathtrap. I feel like the whole thing has kind of a hearse feel to it. Or least some kind of old timey buggy you'd expect to see a dead body carted around in. Which is kind of ironic because it's only a matter of time till we see one in this thing.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 4:15 for the initial takeoff, then several flights from different angles.

Thanks to Jeremy, who's holding out for a two-seater because what good is octocoptering if you can't share it with the person you love. You know, or die together.

  • Jai Mico

    Can make a manned drone yet he can't shoot video in 1080 ! Marvelous

  • Jason Christopher

    This is very, very impressive. But anytime I see something like this, I'm always disappointed that it's only used to go straight up and down a few feet. I'm ready to see one of these navigate a course at a relatively higher speed. But still, BRAVO and WELL DONE.

  • Adibobea9

    At this point you might as well just buy a small helicopter…

  • Michael Knight

    if 8 carry his weight but fear of engine failure, why not make it have 14-16 engines....... redundancy for safety and longer flight times....

  • shashi

    more weight = more fuel used & shorter flight times

  • Michael Knight

    but, more engines = more lift and not as much load on each engine = more flight time
    your assumption is that each additional engine has diminishing returns on payload/flight time. this is obviously not correct, otherwise he would never have gotten off the ground in the first place.

  • shashi

    i'd like to be persuaded by your logic however it goes against my better judgement. Conversely i would like to explain precisely how overall weight relates to flight times and fuel consumption however i have neither the aptitude to recall the science nor the time to re-learn the requisite scientific laws and theories for a rebuttal. Lets move on to one of the more important questions in life: would you rather fight a horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses?

  • Michael Knight

    sure, i question random peoples comments on the interwebs also.
    therefore, bring on the horse sized duck!

  • This is the Future. Invest.

  • fkdwi

    i want a hoverthrone too

  • Jenness

    Me too and I challenge you to a fight on our Hoverthrones. Mine is going to have deadly flying squirrel ninja's - prepare yourself.

  • NynjaSquirrel

    I may have something to say about that....

  • Jenness

    *the deadly schwwinggg sound of tiny lethal ninja squirrels is heard* Challenge accepted!

  • NynjaSquirrel

    Bring it on! My horde of fluffy-tailed minions will be ready and waiting - armed with acorn armour and nuts aplenty!

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