Looks Promising: Teaser Trailer For Upcoming Majora's Mask Fan Film

July 1, 2016


This is a teaser trailer for a short Majora's Mask fan film coming I'm not sure when because they failed to put a date at the end of the trailer. I WANT ANSWERS. The short is a collaboration between EmberLab and Theophany and looks surprisingly promising. High production value. I remember when Majora's Mask came out in 2000 my mom was worried that the time-travel aspect of the game would be too difficult for me to grasp, and she was 100% right. I never actually beat the game until 2007 when I was in college. I would play the game on an emulator on my laptop during a Marketing Management course I was taking. I think I told you before but that was the course with the professor with shit-breath that always wanted to talk super close so nobody could hear if you came up to ask a question during an exam. Eventually I just stopped going up there to ask questions because I'd rather risk getting a question wrong than getting some kind of shit-breath virus that's going to make me pee out my butt for three days straight.

Keep going for the teaser.

Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees Nintendo just needs to finally sign off on making some kick-ass Zelda movies so we can all die happy.

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