LEGO Spaceman Minifig Made From A Bunch Of Smaller LEGO Spaceman Minifigs

July 28, 2016


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to see their facial expressions. SPOILER: All smiling.

This is a picture of a giant LEGO spaceman minifig (think jumbo shrimp) made from a bunch of of smaller spaceman minifigs. Unfortunately it's not actually a photograph, it's a rendering made by Flickr user aido k using the 3D content-creation program Blender. It's still cool though. Look at all those little spacemen. Could you imagine the space stories they must be swapping? Tales of far-away galaxies and plastic alien titties so big you'd need two yellow heads stacked on top of each other just to be able to see the whole thing up close. I would love to hear that story. No -- I'd love to live that story. I'm a total space ranger. To infinity and begone!

Thanks to Landon, who dreams about space so hard at night sometimes he wakes up thinking he can still float and falls out of his bunkbed. Been there, homie, got the stitches to prove it.

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