Just Like An Eyeball: A Shot Of Jupiter's South Pole

July 19, 2016


Note: Much higher resolution shot HERE in case you want to look for aliens (I couldn't find any but I did see evidence of a recent spaceship landing).

This is a composite shot of Jupiter's south pole constructed using photos taken by the Cassini spacecraft in December of 2000. That was almost sixteen years ago. The world seemed a lot simpler then. Now it's all complex, like a jigsaw puzzle with no box cover that shows you what the image is supposed to look like when you're finished. Plus everybody is just forcing pieces together where they don't belong. Me? I gave up a long time ago and started feeding the pieces to my dog when nobody's looking because she likes the taste of cardboard and opens all my Amazon packages whether I want her to or not.

Thanks to becca b, who tried to tell me that's actually the eye of an otherwise invisible space monster who's waiting for just the right time to gobble up earth. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR DO IT NOW CRUNCH CRUNCH.

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