Interesting: What We Can Learn From Video Game Boss Battles

July 15, 2016


This is a video from the PBS Idea Channel of host Matt Rugnetta discussing what we can learn from video game boss battles and how we approach them. It was actually pretty interesting and that's saying a lot because I hate learning. I just don't have the room in my brain.

The Boss a mainstay of video games. Bosses protect their world, their areas, from heroes, do-gooders and justice-bringers that would depose them and their nefarious ways. But beyond a way to prove one's skill, or to unlock the next narrative bit, is there more we can take away from a boss fight? Like other-much grander-challenges in life, Boss Fights provide a way to know ourselves, and how we react to adversity, in a low stakes, entertainment focused situation. There is more, then, to boss fights, than just... fighting bosses.

Wow, that was deeper than I expected. I didn't realize I was learning anything from boss battles except how much force it takes to break a controller, how long you can choke your brother with the cord of a controller before he passes out, and how long you can get grounded for these things.

Hit the jump for the video, complete with tons of boss battle footage including Shadow Of The Colossus, which is the tits.

Thanks to hairless, who frequently does boss battle with a razor and wins.

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