Intense: Guys Hook Up Paintball Gun To Operation Game

July 19, 2016


Because the game isn't nearly stressful enough, this is a video from the Madcap Brothers of a game of Operation that's been wired to a paintball gun to blast you in the back anytime you touch the side. What a calm, relaxing time that must be.

We've wired a paintball gun to the Milton Bradley game Operation. Everytime you touch the side, the marker fires directly at your back. Tensions run high in the operating.. forest.. As the surgeons have one minutes to remove as many pieces as they can! Operation commercials got nothing on us. The gun is a Planet Eclipse Etek 4 lt, the cameras are mostly just phones; Samsung s6, Samsung s7, and whatever Colten's phone is.

Wait -- what kind of phone does Colten have? You can't leave me hanging like that. I feel like I went up for a high-five and you kicked me in the nuts instead. That's not cool, that's not what friends are for. Friends are for caring and sharing and telling secrets and comparing penises. "Yeah but every day?" Things can change! I don't know about you but I definitely don't have the same penis I had last week.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Peter, who agrees the ultimate game of Operation is operating on yourself.

  • GeneralDisorder

    This is probably the best game mashup I've ever seen. They must have the velocity really ramped up on that marker though. Fields typically limit to 200 fps which doesn't hurt all that much.

  • Bling Nye

    Played once with some guys that had some crazy high fps guns (they were bragging about it), and one guy in particular seemed like a real sadistic asshole. Said he had frozen his paintballs over night as well. Claimed he was joking, but I suspect he wasn't. In retrospect, I wasn't surprised that after I got hit and stood up, I got shot three more times by that same fucking asshole.

    Haven't played since.

  • GeneralDisorder

    The highest FPS gun I owned was a Brass Eagle Stingray 2 Ice. Ugly as all sin, $20 at Walmart (can't buy them anymore), and the regulator was a tiny screw that made modification easy as pie. You could strip down the entire gun without any tools as long as you had removed the barrel a couple times to wear down the plastic retainer pins you could push one of those out and use it to push the other retaining pins out. I clocked it at 320 fps with my buddy's cronometer. It ran out of a 9 ounce CO2 (can't subscript?) in about 100 shots at that setting. A hopper holds 200 for anyone not in-the-know.

    At one time I owned 4 paintball guns. For any late 90s/early 2000s paintball enthusiasts I had the aforementioned Stingray, Spyder Java 2-in-1, ACI Maverick pump action, and an Automag.

    The Spyder had a cheap aftermarket expansion chamber and twister barrel. The Maverick is essentially a PMI Trracer classic. The Automag was bone-stock original barrel which was lacking in performance a little but goodness I loved that Automag.

    Freezing paintballs turns the hard gelatin shells into soft squishy mush. It makes the paint and water that's in it separate and they don't fly straight. If you take one directly from a deep freeze into the chamber it probably won't fly right and unless it's below -30 C or so it's not going to be solid.

  • Bling Nye

    I believe you. This was a while back (early/mid-90's) so I have no idea if the paintball mix was different then or not. Either way, that kid was an asshole.

  • GeneralDisorder

    That kid was most certainly an asshole (and I'd wager probably still is).

    I don't know how paint is mixed now but I do know that the first iterations of paintballs were water based but wouldn't freeze in a freezer. I think the shells of the ammunition have always been gelatin capsules though. Basically anyone who says they froze a paintball and shot a hole in something is either lying or an idiot or a lying idiot.

    Where I played we had strictly enforced rules for conduct as well. If you stood up and put your arms up you were admitting defeat. Your next move should be to put your brightly colored barrel plug in and walk out of the game area. If you fail to comply you should expect to receive more hits. And... if you are shooting at someone and they call a hit you stop firing on their position. We've held firing squads where all the players on the field would pelt you for breaking conduct in an obvious way. And we also let two guys unload their hoppers within the normal safe threshold because we weren't sure how long they'd go at it. We stepped in and prevented them from reloading but we let them dump their entire hoppers because that was hilarious.

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  • MinjaMike

    You must buy a lot of paintballs with that money.

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