Inflatable Chairs That Look Like Giant Cut Fruit

July 18, 2016


These are the Fruit Pouffes sold by FireBox. $42 gets you a single sliced fruit stool and they come in kiwi, melon (clearly a watermelon) and orange varieties. Inside each fruit is an inflatable plastic cushion (think a pool float), so you can deflate the chairs and take them anywhere and they'll hardly take up any room. So the next time somebody asks if that's a banana in your pocket you can tell them these are clearly pocketless athletic shorts and you're not happy to see them at all but the thought of them leaving gives you a boner and you do have an inflatable kiwi chair in your trunk if they're really looking for fruit.

Keep going for a shot of each individually in case you need that for some reason.




Thanks to lizzy, who's holding out for passion-fruit and pomegranate stools because if you're going to own a fruit stool, it might as well be a superfood fruit stool.

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