How To: Make Your Own Dragon Ball Jell-O Balls

July 18, 2016


This is a recipe detailing how to make your very own Dragon Ball Jell-O balls. Basically it involves cutting star-shaped pieces of cherry using a shar-shaped cutter, then adding them to Jell-O and pouring it all into spherical ice cube molds. Not very complicated. Could I still find a way to screw it up? Absolutely, probably by poisoning myself. Don't have a star shaped cutter? No problem, just use star shaped cat food instead of cherries. None of your friends will even know the difference until they've already eaten them and you're pointing and laughing and asking if they feel like they need to use the litterbox. You crack me up, we should be friends with benefits. "What kind of benefits?" You let me borrow money.

Keep going for a video, then follow me to the potion ingredient shop and I'll show you some real dragon balls.

Thanks to hairless, who never gets hair in food because he doesn't have any. You should come work in my restaurant. We have a health inspection rating of D for Delicious. Or was it Dangerous?

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