How To: Build Your Own Awesome Blasting Off Rocket Lamp

July 6, 2016


These are very brief instructions created by Gavin of describing how to make your own rocket blasting off lamp. Without too much being dumb as shit you could probably figure out how to build one on your own. Basically it involves a heavy base, a wire armature, a model rocket, a bunch of polypropylene pillow stuffing and some LEDs. Pretty sweet, right? I'm going to start making these and selling them on Etsy. PICKUP ONLY. There is no way these things would survive shipping in decent shape. Because if there's one thing I've learned from the package delivery guys around here, it's any package marked FRAGILE is an invitation to try to drop-kick it from the curb to the porch. They break EVERYTHING. I'm still vacuuming my meemaw's ashes out of the carpet.

Thanks to DON'T TELL ANYONE MY NAME, who may or may not be participating in a witness protection program. Gregory Banton! Woops. I'm kidding, I wouldn't do that. Gregory Banton is the name of a kid I hated in 4th grade.

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