Hey There, Nightmare: Real Life LEGO Minifig Cosplay

July 28, 2016


Seen here hanging out in front of the TROOMS, the folks from Tested prepare to take their real life LEGO minifig costume into Comic-Con and freak everybody out. The costume, designed by special effects artist Frank Ippolito, looks like a cross between a LEGO minifig and a meth addict. The single giant fingernail on each hand -- that was a nice touch. Just kidding, that was an awful touch. Like trying to pinch your girlfriend's butt on the move and accidentally catching a love-handle. She wouldn't talk to me for three days.

Keep going for the video, but feel free to skip around because it didn't need to be 7 minutes.

Thanks to hairless, who may or may not have inherited his hairless genes from a LEGO minifig.

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