Foot Darts, The Soccer/Darts Mashup You've Always Dreamed Of

July 15, 2016


Foot Darts is a mashup between soccer and shooting darts. It's not as dangerous as regular darts and nowhere near as dangerous as lawn darts which is the best darts game invented so far. Basically you kick a Velcro-covered soccer ball at a giant inflatable dart board. I'm not sure how you're supposed to retrieve the balls stuck to the upper half of the board, but in my mind it involves a Velcro-covered child. I would suck at Foot Darts because I have no aim so I'd have to run up and cheat like a kid playing Skee-Ball at Chuck E Cheese. I won't earn any tickets for my effort though, and I'll go home with no Tootsie Rolls or Chinese finger-traps.

Keep going for a couple videos, the first of which has an entirely too intense soundtrack for a video about Foot Darts.

Thanks to James, who agrees somebody should invent a game that's like a life-size version of foosball except the players can run around free.

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