Finally, An Officially Licensed Snorlax Beanbag Chair

July 27, 2016


You know what the best thing about beanbag chairs is? "At least you don't have to sit on the floor?" Yeah.... This is the officially licensed $150 Snorlax beanbag chair coming from ThinkGeek this December (previously: a homemade Snorlax beanbag chair and 100% completely unlicensed Snorlax and Pikachu pillow beds). The chair measures four feet tall, two feet wide, and about a foot thick laying flat on its back. What do you think -- did that girl in that picture catch a Snorlax, or did the Snorlax catch her? We may never know! Thankfully we never cared to know so it's all good.

Keep going for one more shot at night.


Thanks to James M, who promised to buy me one but I sense had his fingers crossed on the other side of that computer screen. Why you wily dog, you!

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