Extreme Sports: Running On A Treadmill With LEGO Blocks Constantly Being Dropped

July 29, 2016


Note: Language because running on LEGO blocks.

This is a video of several guys trying to see how long they can run on a treadmill with LEGO bricks constantly being dropped in front of them. They all do fairly decent, and one dude even manages to stay on long enough to get his foot punctured by a piece. Me? I could run on LEGO blocks all day long. You see, when I was a kid growing up in Alabama my friends and I trained ourselves to develop what we called ninja feet. Basically we just ran around all year long with no shoes on until the bottom of our feet were so callused that nothing hurt anymore. And I've kept them just like that into adulthood. I can stand barefoot on black asphalt in 110-degree sun until the bottom of my feet start to sizzle and you can smell the skin roasting but it doesn't hurt. "Sick!" I don't even have to try to be cool to be cool, I just am.

Keep going for the video, then come over and let's try the same thing with light bulbs.

Thanks to V, who agrees the real test is crawling on your hands and knees. Haha, I still have a LEGO brick stuck in my knee from when I was seven.

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