Death On Hole 9: Finally, A Jetpack Golf Cart

July 21, 2016


This is the jetpack golf cart created for pro golfer Bubba Watson by Oakley (of cool shades fame). It's not actually a real jetpack though, it's actually two ducted fans powered by a 200-horsepower gas engine. There is no jet power. That sucks too because jet power is one of my favorite powers besides x-ray vision and the ability to read minds. I know exactly what you're thinking now, and, I'm going to be honest, it really hurts my feelings. Nice nipples though.

Keep going for a video of the cart not being flown by anybody but professionals. Also, how convenient they never actually let you hear audio of the personal tornado.

Thanks to Jan, who's always dreamed of yelling 'Fore!" and throwing golf balls at players from above.

  • jim birch

    It blows your balls away as you land.

  • Job Genders

    I wonder who paid for all this... rediculous amount of advertising in this bit by Oakley... i'm buying Raybans now.

  • Juvenal Osegueralopez

    oops blew my ball away again...

  • Tom327Cat

    I bet a lot of people were already thinking, "You know what golf needs? More noise!"

  • thomas

    WOW this is cool Pokemon Uranium Download

  • ToyBoxofGuns

    So if it's powered by fans instead of jets, does that make it a fan-y pack?

  • MustacheHam

    "Golf cart jet pack" or you can just call it "Sky Golf Cart" it sounds edgier.
    Also this seems like a sweet ride, unless you pass by a few flying balls. Ouch.

  • Wiley

    Ok. It's cool, but did the sport need anymore of the rich man stigma.

    Also, you crash a golf cart, you lose some dignity... crash this thing and you're losing buckets of money and or your life or limbs.

    Really though, I'm just jealous.

  • GeneralDisorder


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