Dear God: Woman Puts On 100 Coats Of All Makeup

July 27, 2016


This is a video of Youtube personality Jenna Marbles putting on 100 coats of foundation, lip gloss, nail polish, hair spray and spray tan (on her forearm), as well as 100 fake eyelashes (50 per eye). The results? Well, you're looking at them. I like how the nail polish is so thick on her nails they look like bubbles, I think that's my favorite part. My least favorite part is absolutely everything else. She reminds me of the lady who lives three doors down from my grandma at the nursing home, AKA absolutely stunning. Yow yow! Call me, Ms. Eubanks, just don't forget to put your dentures in first I thought you were a child last time.

Keep going for the video, but feel free to skip around because it's all disgusting.

Thanks to Olga, who agrees that coats of makeup are just like winter coats in that if it takes more than five to go outside you might want to consider staying in.

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