Damn Rich Kids: Awesome 'Rocky Rocket' Spaceship Chair

July 5, 2016


This is the Rocky Rocket spaceship chair made by Circu, purveyors of 'magical furniture' (previously: their hot air balloon children's bed). It's a rocket shaped chair you actually climb into like a spaceship and comes complete with red velvet interior and incorporated lighting and music systems (controlled through a smartphone app because chairs need apps now). I have no clue how much it costs but my guess is more than all the furniture I've ever sat on in my entire life combined. When I was growing up we sat in metal folding chairs at the dinner table, and that dinner table was actually whatever family member's turn it was to kneel on all fours and balance a closet door on their back. The table never got on their night.

Keep going for several more shots and a video in case your kid is spoiled rotten and you're actually considering buying them a rocket chair.




Thanks to me, for being brave and adventurous enough to look around a children's furniture website after finding a previous post there.

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