Computer Hardware Orchestra Performs Star Wars Imperial March On 64 Floppy Drives

July 11, 2016


This is a video of Pawel Zadrozniak's 'Floppotron' computer hardware orchestra performing the Star Wars Imperial March using 64 floppy drives, 8 hard drives, 2 scanners, and zero robotic dick flutes (thank God). You've probably seen videos like this before, but this is the most impressive because of the sheer size of the band. That is a lot of members. I try to keep my band (GW's Left Hand Band) as small as possible so I don't have to pay as many people when we perform gigs. "How many people are in your band?" Just me, and I don't even perform with my right hand because then it'll demand a cut of ticket sales. Won't you? *right hand reaches for cowbell* Oh no you don't!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Don't Call Me That, who I didn't call anything. Not in front of your face, anyways.

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