Caw, Caw!: Man Makes Giant Raven Costume Based On His D&D Character

July 6, 2016


This is the giant anthropomorphic raven costume crafted by video game artist and illustrator Rah-Bop based on his Dungeons & Dragons character, Rue. Man, I wish my friends were willing to dress up to play Dungeons & Dragons, that would be great. They don't though, they always want to dress down. Way down. They want to play naked. I'm not sure if it's just to see my wiener or what, but I do swing it around like a broadsword (I'm a halfling barbarian) to entertain them. I'm a great host. Whoa, look out Robby the Rogue! *crash* Woops, sorry about your Mountain Dew cocktail, let me make you another one. What was it? "Mountain Dew and Monster and Red Bull." Jesus, no wonder you run through walls.

Keep going for one more shot from the rear.


Thanks to Gracie, who agrees there should be tabletop gaming rooms you can rent out that actually look like dungeons for ADDED REALISM.

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