BratWurst Bot Can Autonomously Cook A Bunch Of Wieners

July 22, 2016


Human wieners. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Just kidding. Well, I'm not really kidding because it totally could cook human wieners or any kind of wiener for that matter it's an autonomous wiener cooking robot. Just not mine because it would rip its own arm off trying to lift it. It makes up more than half my body weight. This is the BratWurst Bot, an autonomous bratwurst cooking robot that can add wieners to a gas grill, turn them, and put them on a plate when they're fully cooked, all without any human help. It recently served over 200 guests at a party in Berlin, not a single one of whom suspected they were really eating people. Because they weren't, they were eating bratwursts. Calm down, the robots haven't got us yet.

Keep going for a video explaining the wiener-loving bot.

Thanks to Dunc, who would have torn the robot's arm off and made it grill that. And exactly how is it going to do that, Dunc? It only has one arm. I'm all for robot death and destruction but you gotta plan these things.

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