Boston Dynamics Caught Taking Creepy Humanoid Robot For Hike In Woods

July 18, 2016


This is a short video captured by Redditor ekser's mother while she was taking her dog for a walk. The video, which appears to have been shot with the world's shittiest cameraphone (possibly even a pager), shows a group of Boston Dynamics employees taking one of their humanoid robots for a hike through the woods. It looks like a scene from some sort of found-footage robot horror movie. Ten years from now when we're all getting our eyes plucked out of our heads by robot pincers we'll ask ourselves why we didn't do anything to stop this. And I hate to be the kind of person who says I told you so, but I did, I told you so. You just didn't listen. Like the time I told you to buy me a beer at the bar. What happened? "I refused." And? "And then you drank my beer when I went to the bathroom." Exactly, I drank your beer. I also left your phone number in a bathroom stall right between 'FOR A GOOD TIME CALL' and 'THEN YELL PENIS AS LOUD AS YOU CAN AND HANG UP.'

Hit the jump for the stunning 240p video.

Thanks to Joseph A, who's trying to organize a robot hunting trip this fall and I am all about it.

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