BMW Creates Split-Screen Racing Game With Real Cars

July 19, 2016


This is a video from BMW USA of a BMW M6 and M6 GTLM that have allegedly been outfitted with live cameras and R/C technology so they can be driven by remote control in the style of a first person racing game. Did they ACTUALLY do that though? I'm skeptical.

We've outfitted the BMW M6 and M6 GTLM with RC technology to create a real-life racing game. Professional racecar drivers Matt Mullins and John Edwards have driven thousands of tracks. But never like this.

So professional racecar drivers can just pick up R/C controllers and drive cars the way they would on the track? I mean they're out there drifting those things. Are those even the controllers you'd use? Why don't they have wheels and pedals? I'm not saying they didn't actually do this, I'm just saying if they did there would have been way more accidents. I've driven hundreds of thousands of miles and played hundreds of hours of racing games but you give me the controller to a real life car racing game and thirty seconds later that car is crashing through the side of the building.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Matt S, who's racing and pacing and plotting the course.

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