Blue Line Train Station In Chicago Gets Struck By Lightning, Tracks Collapse

July 27, 2016


Note: Keep your volume in check, very excited women.

This is a video filmed by Twitter user IslesOfErin in a car full of ladies traveling past one of Chicago's blue line train stations when the station gets struck by lightning and debris on the tracks blown there by the storm causes part of the rails to collapse. That is pretty scary. Also, all those lights flickering and sparking at the beginning reminded me of watching Stranger Things. See? I can be relevant -- I know what's hip. Pokemon Go, Stranger Things, Tickle Me Elmo, toe rings. Maybe your mom can drive us to the mall after work and we can get our ears pierced at Claire's.

Keep going for two copies of the same video in case the Twitter one doesn't work.

Thanks to max, who can direct lightning strikes with his mind and should probably start some sort of green electricity farm. Or, you know, just do the bidding of the highest paying villain.

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