Belgium Scientists Use Solar-Powered Water Filtering Machine To Help Turn Urine To Beer

July 29, 2016


Belgium scientists recently demonstrated a simple solar-powered water cleaning system that can filter urine into drinkable water. They then used this water to brew a lager beer they're calling 'From Sewer To Brewer', some would call 'Pissbrew', and anybody at the bar would not order.

"We can make the best beer in the world starting from urine," said Denis De Wilde, a brewer in Ghent, Belgium, who used a special machine to extract clean water from urine and then turn that water into a lager dubbed "From Sewer to Brewer."

The urine is collected in a tank and heated in a solar-powered boiler. As the water evaporates, it passes through a membrane that filters out the remaining nutrients from the liquid.

Why even bother filtering the urine? It's urine -- it's practically half-beer already. You could probably save money on the brewing process by just starting with urine instead of water. I won't tell anybody. Especially not any of the people I'm trying to get to drink one. I'm a great friend.

Thanks to Slammer and Charlie H, both of whom bragged about turning beer into urine since they were in high school.

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