A United States Map Of Which Pokemon Each State Is Trying To Catch The Most

July 18, 2016


This is a United States map made by the folks at decluttr (who apparently decluttered so hard they accidentally threw some of the letters in their name away) showing which state is trying to catch which Pokemon the most. Their foolproof methodology:

We decided to find which states are looking for which Pokémon most. To do this, we took phrases like 'where is...' and 'how to find...', paired them up with the Pokémon in the game and measured the volume of searches in each state.

Sounds legit. The results are surprisingly varied except for a handful of Pikachu, Ditto and Eevee. West Virginia, where I was born, is looking for Growlithes. And it looks like Maryland is too but on the list it says Ditto. So which one is it? Because that Growlithe is clearly pointing to Maryland. That Ditto looks like it's pointing at Virginia's little dingleberry that hangs off Maryland's ass. And there's no DC listed at all so it can't be that. Come on -- you had one job. Man, I remember when people used to take pride in their map-making.

Thanks to POST ME, who tried to take over a Pokemon gym and got destroyed. Like, DESTROYED destroyed.

  • Kelly

    This map actually just shows the intelligence level of the players. Notice how some states highest searches are of pokemon that you can not catch yet. Like Mewtwo, Mew, Ditto, and the 3 legendary birds. Those are the states that are the most gullible and with the lowest IQ. Since any intellegent person would stop doing google searches for them once they read the multiple articles about how those Pokemon are in the source code but are not catchable at this time.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Bullshit map is bullshit just like all the other bullshit maps!


    But really, these maps are just arbitrary and rarely if ever based on real info.

  • I made this site too to track all Pokestops and Gyms:

  • DC Madman

    I only came here to say, I refuse to be interested.

  • AmselZephlyn

    I always knew I was a metapod.

    Ps - they have West Virginia labeled twice, and one of the times it's pointing to central Maryland. There's actually 51 pictures. The Ditto above it is also pointing to Maryland, but across the Chesapeake bay.

  • Dsembr

    Damn Wisconsin, let us know when you unlock the secrets of the mighty Metapod.

  • I love me some infographics, but that's a lot of work to just determine what pokemon were mentioned most in google searches.

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