1,200 People: The World Record Human Mattress Domino Maze

July 12, 2016


Seen here looking like they're having the most fun they've had in years (and possibly ever), 1,200 people participate in setting the Guinness World Record for the longest human mattress domino maze. Man, I just wish I could have been a part of it. I'd get a spot right in the middle and glue the bottom of my shoes to the floor and have a hidden brace that runs up my back and keeps me from falling over when the person in front of me hits me while I'm yelling, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Everyone is gonna get so pissed they'll probably try to beat me up, which they'll 100% be able to because I'm glued to the floor. You know you and I should get a bunch of sexy people together and set the world record for the longest human mattress domino maze that ends with an orgy. So far my record is two. "Two people is not an orgy." It is if you're blindfolded and talk in different voices.

Keep going for the video, no word if those mattresses are available at a discount.

Thanks to Simon, who doesn't participate in world record events because he likes to give other people the chance to feel good about themselves. How kind of you.

  • Butter Biscuits McGee

    Wonder why they picked their most rotund employees ...

  • G-man

    2 records the other if for dumbest record ever.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Humans are a silly lot.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    No, not the human-mattress domino maze record! I'd been preparing to beat that one for years! My life's work, all gone!

  • Forblat

    "Oh no I am falling the mattress in front of me was totally responsible for knocking me down and I didn't fall backwards on my own"

  • Cheese

    It was fully scrutinized by all the officials & they probably checked video footage.

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