Yum: Realistic Madagascar Giant Hissing Cockroach Cake

June 24, 2016


This is the Madagascar Giant Hissing Cockroach cake crafted by New York nurse and food artist Katherine Dey. It's a Boston creme filled chocolate cake with a fondant exterior. Mmmm, fondant. Most people hate it but I love it. I also eat cockroaches. I think I already told you, but whenever I find one of my girlfriend's hairs around the house I always put it in my mouth and pretend like I'm going to eat it and it grosses her out to the point she actually gets mad and I thought we were just joking but I really think it's starting to drive a wedge between us. Clipping my nails in bed too.

Keep going for a timelapse of the cake being made.

Thanks to Liz, who wants a realistic earwig cake. Ewww that is so nasty what is wrong with you?

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