Whee!: Bounce House Flies Into High-Voltage Power Line

June 24, 2016


Note: Keep your volume in check the woman filming is a loud talker plus drops an OH SHIT when the bounce house sparks the power line.

Fearing that it was going to get popped by some kid wearing inappropriate footwear, this is a video of a bounce house that took to the skies above Niagara County, New York and ended its life on a high-voltage power line. Nobody was hurt and nobody lost power. Highlights from the video include" "Oh my God, the bounce house!", "Is everybody accounted for?", "That's gonna hit the power lines!", "Oh SHIT!", "That's f***er's gone dude." (possibly spoken by Jesse Pinkman) and "Thank God there were no kids in that sonofabitch." Now I'm not saying from the look and sound of these folks that they're the exact kind of people you'd expect to not properly secure a bounce house, but -- wait -- yes I am, I am saying that. No word if they got their party rental deposit back.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to Simon A, who wanted to arrive at prom in a bounce house but his date said no. Wow, some fun date that must have been.

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