What The Hell Was That And Why?: Dancing Cardboard Head Robot

June 20, 2016


Because not all robots are killing machines (that's a lie), this is a short video of a two-legged robot with a cardboard heading dancing to the NehNehNeh song, which isn't really a song as much as it is NehNehNeh over and over and over again. Want a BONUS hour long version? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Think of yourself as a baby bird and I'm the mamma bird and I'm protecting you from the rain under my wing. Are you hungry? Do you want me to spit some food up in your mouth? Thirsty? I had a pitcher of margaritas a little while ago, I could probably get some of that back up with an elbow to the stomach.

Keep going for the short version, then the hour long version which I'm already 14 minutes deep in because I deserve the pain.

Thanks to Lucas, who agrees this video needed way more somebody swinging a ledgehammer.

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